A common practice among people in the UAE is that they tend to rely on regular income or saved assets to bail out of unpredictable health woes, when insurance broker services can help secure a health insurance plans that cover sudden expenses. Comprehensive treatment for life-threatening health issues such as cardiac arrest, stroke, kidney failure or cancer can also risk our financial health. If you have family that is dependent on you, then it’s crucial to consider a critical illness insurance cover more closely, because it can help save plenty of out-of-pocket expenses. In UAE, health insurance has been made mandatory by law, but certain specialized treatments may not be sufficiently covered under a regular health insurance plan. The scope of coverage is slightly different between health insurance and critical illness insurance, and both policies go hand in hand to support each other. Health insurance takes care of hospitalization charges for a few diseases, whereas critical illness insurance covers treatment of about 6 – 12 serious health issues. In this article, we look into critical illness insurance cover, and how it can help fight against the odds of an unpredictable life.

Overview of health insurance

Top notch healthcare has successfully established a strong base here in the UAE in the last few years. And health insurance is the most cost-effective way to access this high-quality infrastructure in the world. Paying a regular premium is the small price to pay if you ever need to avail the best of medical technology. While a comprehensive health insurance package takes care of hospitalizations and OPD charges, critical illness cover takes care of specialized treatment plans in the case of serious illness. Currently, critical illness is a growing lifestyle concern across the region. Nearly 54% of the claims were alarmingly made by men for heart-related concerns, while 80 per cent of women’s claims went towards cancer treatments. The cost of these critical treatments may go beyond the usual health insurance cover. A critical illness insurance on the other hand secures against any expenditure that comes with intensive treatment. Going by a report published by leading insurance provider Zurich Middle East, 60% of residents felt they had underestimated the cost of quality treatment at the time of buying insurance. It’s important to speak with health insurance brokers while planning future health safety nets to gain full perspective of options available.

Rahma Cancer Patient Care Society pointed how in the UAE, the average treatment cost per month for chemotherapy is close to around 32,000 Dirhams. Throughout the length of the treatment, a regular insurance may not sufficiently cover all the expenses involved. A critical illness insurance cover however is a fixed benefit plan. On being diagnosed with any listed critical illnesses, this policy will immediately support you by paying a large sum of money, in a quick easy process. You can choose to spend this amount in any way you wish. It doesn’t have to be used to pay hospital bills alone. The claim submission has been made easier and doesn’t include lengthy submission forms. Additionally, its international character also means that you can avail this type of insurance even after leaving the UAE.

When you need critical illness insurance cover

Before you reach out to health insurance brokers in Dubai, it is important to consider the benefits and value of the cover. If you are the sole earning member of your family and have people who are dependent on you, and if everyday life operates on a regular income, then critical illness cover is a great option to secure against the odds. Liquidating saved assets to cover medical bills is a loss that could be avoided with the right insurance cover. One can avail specialized treatment, stay protected, recover and remain financially stable with the help of this policy, because it pays a lump sum if the policyholder suffers from serious conditions. This along with life insurance can give a holistic cover and bring the best value out of your insurance policies.

How expensive is it?

Like with all investments, after reviewing all your financial commitments you can decide to commit to an amount that protects you and your family. Health insurance brokers suggest a minimum of two years income as a general benchmark for this cover, since that is considered as the time taken to fully recover from a critical illness.

With some companies, premiums get more expensive with age as the medical risks involved tend to increase. For smokers, the premium increases by a hefty amount. Those who have suffered from a serious illness before may have to pay slightly higher cover, without which some terms may be left from the policy.  But top health insurance brokers in Dubai can find a policy that works for everyone.  And everyone can opt for a critical illness insurance cover starting as low as 100 Dirhams a month to stay protected.

In conclusion

Critical health concerns come unannounced and being ready to face the battle requires to make smart choices well before hand. Critical health insurance helps cover unexpected costs involved in treating serious health issues by giving you a large amount upfront. This large sum of money can help you during your most trying times. You can choose to spend this amount any way you wish which can be the kind of safety you need while recovering. Check to see what percentage of the claim your policy covers: anything above 85% is worth your investment for the long term. You can also arrange a free meeting with health insurance brokers in Dubai and have a discussion about your needs before you decide. In the end, choose a policy and company that gives you the peace of mind you need to stay healthy. 

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