The Covid-19 pandemic has brought health insurance to the lead. People are waking up to the need of having a suitable health insurance policy to protect against the inflated costs of hospitalisation and medical emergencies. This is where a health insurance plan provides unmatched financial security and also helps you to save money.

So let Wehbe tell you how a health insurance could help you in saving your money and what are the benefits you could avail by opting a right health insurance plan.

Inadequate savings

When it comes to saving money, some of us are quite good at it. But that savings won’t be enough in case of some medical emergencies. Moreover, you might have purposed those savings for a better return in your future or for your peaceful retired life.

In today’s complex health conditions, diseases like cancer and circulatory system disorders takes the positions of most claimed diseases, followed by gastrointestinal and respiratory conditions. Wehbe Insured offers a lot of insurance policies focused on critical illness benefits for you to fight such conditions effectively.

Top-ups for Extra Benefits

Your basic health insurance plan might only be able to cover you up to a limit. With increasing healthcare costs sometimes, it may be impossible for you to cover those surpassed medical bills which is beyond your assured sum. To avoid such a situation, it is wiser to top-up your health insurance before you exhaust your existing cover. Top-ups are cheaper than a whole new medical insurance policy but offer most of the benefits that your basic policy offers.

Talk to our insurance experts to know more Top-up plans for your existing health insurance from Wehbe Insured.

Pre & Post Hospitalisation Costs

Medical expenses are not just those long hospital bills, but it includes a lot of other expenditures before and after hospitalisation too. They can be the expenses for various tests, ambulance charges, and many such uncounted but which can add a lumpsum to the overall medical expenses.

Wehbe Insured offers comprehensive health insurance plans that cover you for these expenditures that you may incur 60 days before and 90 days after hospitalisation.

Save medical expenses

Our deskbound lifestyle, eating habits, stress, drinking and smoking habits have paved its way to new health threats such as diabetes, hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases.

The scale at which medical expenses are rising makes it imperative to buy a health insurance. As we are living in a society where diseases are dominant and accidents are common; not everyone of us will be prepared to handle the financial burden and stress that can be caused by the rising medical expenses. So, it is important to get prepared by yourself and your family for the likely financial loss coming ahead in such unfortunate situations. The best solution for this is to get covered by a suitable health insurance.

A comprehensive health insurance policy will not just cover you and your family against hospital expenses but will also cover many other costs that can burn your pockets. Talk to Wehbe’s Health Insurance Experts to know more about comprehensive health insurance plans.

Hidden hospital costs

Your treatments at a hospital are not just the costs incurred during your hospitalisation; several other fundamental costs like pre-medical check-ups, doctor’s fees, and prescribed medicines often account for a mass of expense higher than your hospitalisation charges. Similarly, there are diagnostic tests and post-surgical care that may require an attendant to take care of you for a couple of weeks or sometimes for several months. Summing up all the above factors, it may be now clear for you why have your medical expenses rise steeply.

Health insurance plans cover a wide array of ailments and conditions. There are policies that take care of several aspects associated with your hospitalisation like pre-/ post-hospitalisation charges, medicines, medical check-ups, and more.

Buying young

Buying health insurance at a younger age makes it more sensible, because buying at young age allows you to avail of a more comprehensive scope of coverage. As you are young, you are considered healthy and the insurer allows you to opt for a high coverage value with minimal restrictions.

A health insurance plan, thus, not only acts as a saviour in frustrating times, but it also saves your money. So, invest in a suitable health insurance policy, with an optimal sum insured, and add a layer of protection to your finances. If you are looking to save money, give health insurance a thought and let Wehbe Insurance Services help you in finding the right coverage for your health.

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