About Financial Planning

When it comes to insurance, there is no substitute for experience. Through our team of highly skilled professional Financial Advisors, our commitment to deliver premier advice to each and every client is assured.

WEHBE, in partnership with multinational insurance providers, offers bespoke financial planning and service solutions with a range of internationally portable products to help you protect your family, invest for future wealth and meet your saving goals.

Life and Critical Illness

Life policies ensure that your family will be financially provided for in the event of untimely death or catastrophic illness. Providing such security for your loved ones is the cornerstone of a sound financial plan.

Investments and Saving

Whether your objective is for wealth creation or saving for a particular goal, your professional Financial Advisor can help you invest and save via regular savings, lump sums or specialist means. With access to leading, world-class fund managers, you can rest assured that you will always have a wide range of investment options.


The most important gift a parent can give their child is the gift of a quality education – especially in today’s increasingly competitive world, where higher education is seen as the key to success. Your professional Financial Advisor will provide tailor-made solutions that will help you save for your children’s education, thus giving them a definite advantage in the future.


Enjoying a golden retirement depends on three things – your close relationships, your state of health and your financial security. With the correct retirement planning and the right products, you can make the most out of whatever you have saved during your working life, allowing you to enjoy, rather than endure, your later years.

Takaful Plans

Takaful is a unique Islamic concept of Shari’ah-compliant insurance. Takaful Insurance is based on the concept of social solidarity, cooperation and mutual indemnification of losses of members. It is a pact among a group of members who agree to jointly indemnify any loss or damage sustained by any of those signed to the pact from the funds they donate collectively.

The concept of Takaful is established on the following principles:
– The participants co-operate for their common good;
– Every Policy holder pays subscription to help those that need assistance.
– Divide losses and liabilities among the community by a pooling system.
– Eliminate uncertainty in respect of subscription and compensation.
– It does not aim at deriving advantage at the cost of other individuals.

WEHBE Insurance Services will advise you on how your most valued savings and investments can best be aligned with Islamic laws by incorporating Salama Takaful’s ideals of mutual cooperation, responsibility, assurance and protection with your insurance needs. Your family’s future will be safe and secure with WEHBE Shari’ah-compliant financial solutions.

Contact +9714 704 8600 or email us at: takaful@wehbeinsured.com

Other Financial Services

Other financial services include:

– Key Man Insurance
– Mortgage and Loan Protection
– Children’s Protection Plan
– Business Protection
– Lump Sum Investments

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