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Employee Benefits


WEHBE provides a variety of comprehensive, cost effective and customized benefits and insurance solutions to meet your corporate Medical insurance requirements.
Our experience and knowledge allow us to select secure local and international insurance companies that offer the best products to suit our client’s needs. We are committed to designing cost effective benefits to assist our clients in maintaining optimum employee retention and loyalty.

Group Life, Pension and Disability

WEHBE understands the diverse needs of employers, employees and trustees in providing disability benefits. Our group life policies are designed to be as comprehensive and flexible as possible.

The importance of including group life and disability benefits as part of an employee’s total remuneration package is now well recognized. These benefits are valuable in attracting and retaining employees who play a large part in a company’s success. Financial security is provided for members and their families in the event of death or long-term illness. A further benefit is that in the event of an accident or long-term illness, a group disability scheme may cover the expense of rehabilitation, helping the employee return to work and ensuring that the company’s investment in an employee’s training and experience is not lost.

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