Why Travel Insurance is Important?

If you are traveling overseas, or even domestically, taking out travel insurance is highly recommended. Travel insurance can give you extra protection if your holiday doesn’t go as planned. So, you should make sure you have cover if you’re planning a trip away. If you don’t have travel insurance you will have to pay out of your […]

All about Travel Insurance

You might have insured almost everything from your health, life, home, car, other personal belongings, and even your business. so why not insure your trips? Most of the costs associated with your trip aren’t refundable, so if something happens that prevents you from going, that could make you lose a considerable amount. But having travel […]

UAE announces approval of crowdfunding for public, private sector

The United Arab Emirates’ cabinet authorized the use of crowdfunding by both public and private sectors, the state news agency WAM reported on 21 March 2022, Monday Crowdfunding operators, investors and applicants will be able to engage in crowdfunding activities under the newly approved UAE System for Crowdfunding Platform Operators. They have to verify that […]

How to save money with Health Insurance?

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought health insurance to the lead. People are waking up to the need of having a suitable health insurance policy to protect against the inflated costs of hospitalisation and medical emergencies. This is where a health insurance plan provides unmatched financial security and also helps you to save money. So let Wehbe tell […]

Protect Your Business with these Insurances

Protect your Business Business is all about risks. But your willingness to take that risk paves the steps towards the success of your business. When you are planning for a business, there are thousand things going through your head. One of the important but often overlooked item is business insurance. There are several business insurances […]

UAE’s New Weekend System & Employee Feedback

The UAE has announced a key shift in their regular weekend days from Friday and Saturday to Saturday and Sunday along with half day off on Friday, which will result in a shorter workweek. The new weekend was conceived in an effort to further align UAE’s economy with its global markets and attract foreign talent […]


insurance broker services

A common practice among people in the UAE is that they tend to rely on regular income or saved assets to bail out of unpredictable health woes, when insurance broker services can help secure a health insurance plans that cover sudden expenses. Comprehensive treatment for life-threatening health issues such as cardiac arrest, stroke, kidney failure […]


insurance companies in UAE

We take many precautions to be safe based on our knowledge and understanding of this uncertain world. Yet, however critically we consider matters or what tools we use, the risk of the unknown is not always readily visible to us. Opportunities and risks come together: an insurance policy can take care of the risk exposure […]