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When you are searching for an insurance broker in the UAE look no further than WEHBE Insurance Services. Our dedication to consistently deliver the best insurance products suitable for you is what sets WEHBE Insurance Services apart from other insurance brokers. Our focus on sustainability is how we constantly improve our business, and of course, our service to you.


WEHBE Insurance Services are an award-winning Insurance Broker based in Dubai. We were established back in 1969 and since then, WEHBE Insurance Services has grown and evolved, and is today considered one of the most renowned names in the UAE Insurance Intermediary Industry.

As an independent insurance broker in the GCC region and a member of GBN & Globex, one of our main strengths is our ability to maintain those solid and strategic relationships with our associate offices and business partners, which enables us to better manage and control risks locally, regionally, as well as globally. Our independent status gives us the advantage of selecting only the best and most respected local and global insurance companies to work with – companies that offer products and services that reflect our own vision and commitment.

The real strength of WEHBE lies within our full network that offers clients personalised service, backed by the technical resources necessary to resolve all kinds of insurance problems or challenges, whether big or small. 

Our well-informed teams constantly keep track of the changes occurring in the insurance industry. Their strong understanding of the complex world of insurance combined with their ability to clearly communicate this knowledge to clients on level terms is what differentiates us from competitors.


Through our partnerships, our experts have access to thousands of insurance products, but if a product is unsuitable to your specific needs then we will work with you to design a package that is bespoke to you so you can continue to live, work or run your business here in the UAE. 

With a range of products to suit almost every situation, WEHBE Insured can advise you on Corporate Insurance, Employee Benefits, Medical Insurance, Financial Services or even for the best policy for your car. 

Our international team of insurance experts can design comprehensive insurance plans that are tailored to your individual, family or business needs. We avoid insurance jargon and wherever possible, explain insurance terminology in the simplest of words so you are able to make proper  informed decisions.

Insurance packages for small businesses include the necessary policies such as Professional Indemnity, Cyber Security and  Directors and Officers and we also recognise the ever increasing need for companies to offer attractive Employee Benefits packages  to be able to retain their top talent.

Our aim is to provide all our clients with the best available insurance programs in the most efficient and effective manner and in order to achieve that, we have established dedicated departments such as Corporate Lines, Employee Benefits, Personal Lines, Motor and Financial Planning



Award Winning Insurance Broker

For over 50 years, WEHBE Insurance Services has helped private and corporate clients in the GCC, Middle East and around the world fulfil their insurance goals, needs and requirements. 

As a member of the renowned WEHBE Group, WEHBE Insurance Services enjoys highly efficient relationships with our competent associate offices, which allow us to manage risks on local, regional and global levels. 

At WEHBE the client always comes first, and we never compromise when it comes to your security and protection. We recommend only the most effective and competitive insurance solutions that cater to your specific requirements, both now and in the future. 

When you are WEHBE insured, you can look forward to the highest standards of professional service, tailor-made solutions, and most of all, an experience you can trust.

Award Winning Insurance Broker
Omar Wehbe Award Winning Insurance Broker


CEO & Managing Partner

Omar Wehbe Award Winning Insurance Broker

Through the years, WEHBE Insurance Services has built solid relationships between our team members and our clients. So our growth will always depend on our continuous ability to provide the highest professional and individual services to our clients, while still
guaranteeing first class security.

WEHBE provides a wide range of competitive products and services
that expertly takes care of all your insurance needs and challenges without ever losing the personal touch.

With 50 years of experience, the strength of international insurance partners, and a constant dedication to excel, WEHBE is an experience you can trust. Now enjoy the peace of mind that comes with being WEHBE insured.

We are members of GBN and Globex Insurance broker networks.

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